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Huddersfield Town Vs Barnsley FC Events 2013

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Wolverhampton’s David Davis is a player that has recently been struggling trying to find form after sustaining an ankle injury which forced him to stay out of the playing grounds for his team back in April of 2013.

After finishing at the top spot of the League One, Wolverhampton secured their promotion spot to the Championship League but Barnsley on the other hand will have to battle their way in the League One after sustaining an underwhelming season which saw them being relegated to the League One. Read more »

Barnsley FC 2011/2012

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Barnsley FC vs. Southend Utd

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Barnsley are in danger of being relegated to League One this campaign, as they are in the relegation zone of the championship with only seven matches remaining. They have certainly improved their chances of getting to safety after two back-to-back victories, but they still remain three points away from the 17th place. Further, the 17th placed Charlton athletic also have a game in hand. Hence, the possibility of relegation has now become a serious thing to consider for Barnsley. Despite the club’s poor form, manager Danny Wilson says that he is not looking to leave the club anytime soon.

In an astonishing statement he even said that he would be happy to remain as the manager of the club even after slipping to League One. The former Sheffield United manager has been at the club since December 2013. He has managed to keep the club afloat despite several troubles. He has revealed that there has been backing from the board and he intends to stay for the long-term. The club’s ultimate ambition is likely to be an established championship club before they start pushing for promotion.

Wilson has revealed that promotion may not come soon, but he has promised that it will eventually arrive for the club.

“It will be a big test for us to stay up but if we do it will be fantastic. I expect to be here next season. The board has backed me long term and I am delighted about that. I have enjoyed every minute since I’ve come back and we are going to build the club back up to where we want it to be. It may take time but I promise we will get there. I am very much looking forward to the long term plan but we have a job to do this season first,” said Danny Wilson.