Barnsley – Chelsea

GWL Video Score: 4 / 5

19 thoughts on “Barnsley – Chelsea

  1. this is why i love football, not because of fucking hooligans that ruin it, not because of disrespectful and disgraceful acts on the pitch, but because of the passion, pride, integrity and magic that football brings to all those loyal to enjoy it!

  2. Even watching this today, nearly 5 years on, my home town and club Barnsley proved they can battle with the big boys. Hope we do it in 2012/13

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  4. pains me to say it, but barnsley deserved to have the trophy for there run that season. one giant killing is amazing, but 2 is incredible

  5. what tha on abart u, bobby hassle tackled him. look advice mate dunt watch football if ur gunna say that cos tha ent got a clue

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