Vintage Barnsley FC – Those Were The Days

GWL Video Score: four / five

25 thoughts on “Vintage Barnsley FC – Those Were The Days

  1. Great video…. Ponteyender in those days with my Uncle Jim who sadly passed away not too long ago.

    Had to stand on the terrace if I went with my Dad…. usually right next to the dugout with a milk crate so I could see over the wall.

    I remember Norman Hunter rubbing my hat once… and Alan Clarke taking a juicy fruit off me!!!

    Great great memories…. up the reds!!!

  2. @bakeswell Silly little child, your mum and dad are brother and sister and you live in a caravan so fuck off.

  3. @bakeswell Can you fit 12 in your little shitty stadium? 15 is all you can fit in it and we nearly get that game in game out, get back into your caravan and go steal some gas…

  4. barnsley hahahaa DINGLE DINGLE DINGLE !!! and actually mate its been 12 thousand a game now so suck on that for ya breakfast.

  5. JIPO JIPO, the wheels on your house go round and round, fuk of u donni twat, haha ur support is shite 8,000 a game fuk me side ways WANKA

  6. your just a town full of dingles !!! town full of dingles!!! the dingle family !! dadada ! lol you are crap!!!!! imbreds!!!!! rovers till i die!!!!! donny rovers till i die!!!!!!!

  7. 1.35- I was in the away end for that goal. I dont seem to remember any Wrexham fans being at this game.

  8. Used to be magical being on t’ ponty when we scoored in a big game wi a big crowd. I miss being stood up. It’s never been the same atmosphere since really but i suppose we all had to re-develope in the wake of hillsboro tragedy. That weren’t owt to do wi the terrace though,it wo due to safety issues outside ground and coppers basically not giving a toss about footy fans.They tarred em all wit same brush. Unfairly, and i think it wo a disaster that wo in the making somewhere along t’line

  9. We are the famous ponty enders
    This is what you’ve all come to see
    dont look left or right
    the west stand fuckin shite
    there all ponty wannabees


  10. People say that footballs boring
    Ronnie Glavin’s always scoring
    Can you hear the Ponte roaring
    Glavin is our King……Ahhh…

  11. anyone remember david currie? he was class! remember the chant? – “currie currie currie……currie!” malc shotton’s selling cars at Toyota garage near chestnut tree btw.

  12. Ground looks brilliant then, atmosphere and what not. Ive been to watch you about a dozen times with my Barnsley mate and your crowd is so quiet. Apart from the Chelsea match most games you dont hear a peep.

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