The Art of Passing from Barnsley Football Club

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25 thoughts on “The Art of Passing from Barnsley Football Club

  1. @JACK195647 Doesn’t take Barca 38 passes.. takes them about 8.. How can you compare Barnsley to Barca, are you fucking stupid?

  2. @J786i the point is it is creating space and making the other team run after the ball which then tires them out and the when there asleep they attack …. ll the big major clubs do this.

  3. Passes bring the rows within the team forward creating space in behind them, which is why they got through quickly. You can’t argue saying it’s pointless, it seems to have worked here.

  4. Is this a joke? Barcelona probably the best team in the world do this ALL THE TIME it works fucking amazing on shitty teams because it draws the players forwards and it takes alot of patience not to run forward to try and tackle thus removing a player from position. Against teams like Real Madrid and Man u it works less well…

  5. everyone seems to think its jst passing around the defensive line, its not lol each pass creates space and draws the man out of position leaving a player free xD it takes a fuck load of patience and composure to finish multi-passing moves lol

  6. ………. any team could pass it back and forth around the defence for ages, not hard.

  7. are you actually having a fucking laugh, this is a complete joke aye? oh yeah pass it around the defence and gk for 18 passes, then play a through ball against some conference team or some shite………absolute bullshit… boy.

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