Huddersfield Town Vs Barnsley FC Events 2013

GWL Video Ranking: 5 / 5

16 thoughts on “Huddersfield Town Vs Barnsley FC Events 2013

  1. pure passion. will never forget that day. felt a massive amount of Pride.
    Respect Huddersfield & Barnsley Fans

  2. fkn ace day out it were an yeah like u say respect to both fans, its bin
    ages since i ictually walked out together after all the celebrations too

  3. An amazing day 😀 lovely to see all the fans celebrating together! YORKSHIRE

  4. Thanks….from a Barnsley fan. I was there, never seen anything like it,
    you should be proud Huddersfield

  5. atmosphere was brilliant, at full time when hudds fans came over to us and
    was clapping and both joining in songs was once in a lifetime experience,
    there wont be another game anywhere with as much mutual respect for fans,
    players, staff etc…. top day out

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