The Football Association have opened an investigation into alleged discriminatory behavior during the match between Barnsley and Stoke city.

Republic of Ireland International James McClean was continually targeted and regularly booed by some section of the home fans and was subjected to sectarian chanting.

The Republic of Ireland winger is from Derry, and he was subjected to some Anti-Pope and Anti IRA songs.

It was triggered by what happened on blood Sunday, 1972, where British soldiers shot 28 unarmed civilians killing 13.

The match Official Jeremy Simpson included the unruly behavior of the fans into post-match report leading to the Football Association opening an inquiry into what transpired.

The match between Barnsley and Stoke came on the eve of remembrance day, a minute of silence was observed for the fallen heroes before the match and both set of players wearing puppies to appreciate and celebrate past heroes.

The Stoke winger, James McClean, chooses not to wear the poppy as it commemorates all British military personnel and he believes it would be disrespectful to the victims of bloody Sunday and others who lost their lives during the trouble.

McClean has stated in the past why he chooses not to wear the Poppy, and he called for respect as he also stated that he actually respected the choices of those who chose to wear the Poppy.

This is not the first time McClean would be targeted, he was booed by his own fans for not wearing the poppy during the Remembrance Day celebration last year against Middlesbrough.

The 30-year-old winger described the act of the Barnsley fans who targeted him with sectarian chants as that of uneducated cavemen, who had nothing in their Arsenal to break a single Irish man who doesn’t want to be broken.