Barnsley FC versus Portsmouth 1980’s

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20 thoughts on “Barnsley FC versus Portsmouth 1980’s

  1. Yes, scarves, leggings the lot. I heard that Mick McCarthy made a comment the other week saying that if anyone had run out like that at Oakwell in his day, they would have got a good kicking!

  2. @mrlight68 couldn’t agree more! i don’t know if you’re a barnsley fan but last season we had two players who wore scarves for goodness sake!

  3. short sleeved tops and no gloves we should show this to the poncy footballers of now who wear gloves leggings and roll necks under there tops !!

  4. Noel Blake……my first memories of Pompey, down at the Park, watching the likes of Mickey Quinn, Noel Blake, Vince Hilaire….and LEGEND in goal!!!! :0) Sweet

  5. simple fact is they dont play like this now because playes are too ‘expensive’. money is the most powerfull thing around in the modern world especially in football

  6. I love these old footy highlights… was born in 82 myself so missed out on the terraces and the nitty-gritty football supporting – would love to have been there to have stood in the terraces.

    Nice video – Play up pompey!

  7. I was there and I still remember Noel Blake equalising in the last minute. Heartbreak but I loved football at Oakwell in those days.
    I dont care for it these days cos too many foreigners in squad and I cant remember their names.

  8. Roger Wylde was a great footballer at Sheff Weds.but beyond his sell by date when you got him.

  9. I was at that game. Only reason it got on MOTD was because of the weather. The match they should have televised was called off. Pity about the picture quality.

  10. This was the last English winter I experienced before I left for Australia. I was 5 and it snowed on Christmas day in Ventnor on the Isle Of Wight. Play Up Pompey by the way!

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