Barnsley Relegate Sheffield Utd (Highlights, Final Whistle, Chants)

GWL Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. bfcricky says:
    @SwFc2092 No we’re not…..I’m not thick, I have 9 GCSE’s, 3 A-Levels and I work in an office 9 hours a day, and I’m from Barnsley.
  2. SwFc2092 says:

    Because your all dumb retarded fuck wits … like on Emmerdale

  3. bfcricky says:
    @SwFc2092 Yeh I’ve heard of emmerdale. What I’m asking you is why are people from Barnsley regarded as being like the dingles…..thicko.
  4. SwFc2092 says:

    Ever heard of Emmerdale ?, not sure if they have t.v in Barns-errrr-ly. But that is why you are Dingles.

  5. bfcricky says:
    @SwFc2092 Where did this “dingles” concept come from? Why do you pigs all get the impression that we are a bunch of scrubbers? Sheffield is one of the dirtiest places I have ever set foot in, also has two shit football teams.
  6. goughy964 says:
    All your dida’s think your mint! Your that good your in league one! Oh dear! Jog on you nobs! UP THE REDS! BARNSERRRRLLLEEEYYYY! – oooops sorry, did I spell it wrong grammar police?!!
  7. SwFc2092 says:

    Youve posted that 3 times … never thought Dingles and technology mixed well, youve just proved it hahaha !

    You sound nice a nice, intelligent gentleman anyway, fancy going out for a drink ? Pop for you though and back for bed before 8pm.

  8. Mekibadboy says:
    @SwFc2092 shut the fuck up ya dida prick.
  9. Mekibadboy says:
    Swfc2092 shut the fuck up ya dida prick n let’s get one thing straight were a better side than ur anyday. Up the super reds
  10. Mekibadboy says:
    Swfc2092 shut the fuck up ya dida prick, your owls think ya the fucking best well let’s get one thing straight shall we up the reds
  11. SwFc2092 says:
    That was abit wank to be fair … your 1 and only chance to do something good and you still couldnt even beat the Blunts. And your “relegation party” werent much cop either … we had a bigger “party” than that at Bristol Rovers when we heard the Blunts were down. So you let everyone down on 2 fronts there !
  12. billyboy1871 says:

    lmao they sing arsenal – just slower, they don’t add any extra letters to make the song work. You add an extra ER in there and it sounds utterly retarded. as for ” league one boy” I don’t support Sheffield united, tit.

  13. wednesday1996 says:
    hahaha, as a wednesday fan i would just like to say that the barns-e-ly??? fans was a fucking embarrassment as only 20 of you sung and the songs you sing don’t fit with your club name? but unlucky sheff u, i look forward to playing you next season
  14. bfcricky says:
    @billyboy1871 Arsenal fans sing ARS-ER-NAL….Whats the difference?
  15. billyboy1871 says:
    barnserrrrley? are you guys retarded? Why are you singing a song which clearly doesn’t fit your name?
  16. jimboBFC1 says:
    Fuckin half hearted support from a decent following.Used to be good watching t’ reds away but the total lack of atmos by our fans and at football grounds in general have put me well off as have rip off prices and ott policing.Went to Derby and we took about 700ish and probably 10% of us sung but rather like this video,the constantly repetetive shit these young uns sing these days just died out after 30 seconds or so and sounds embarrassing.Am sure some enjoyed it though seeing that shit go darn
  17. easybeats123 says:
    the barns-e-ly chant sounds shit! hahahaha DINGLE IMBREAD CUNTS!
  18. odydablade says:
    I’d of thought you’d be able to hold the camera still was 6 fingers… You dingles got so wound up by the fact we already accepted the fact we’d gone down and threw your lame chants back at you :L