Barnsley FC Play-Off Finalists 2006

GWL Video clip Rating: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Barnsley FC Play-Off Finalists 2006

  1. wot a vid mate calnt wait for season starting nar but ill always remember that night b.f.c 4 eva

  2. superb video, when nardiello banged that in my head almost exploded, what a night that was, made the drive back to london that much easier, lets be thankful for cardiff, and recreate some of this spirit in 2007 under davey and keep us where we belong. UP THE REDS!

  3. HELP – how can I get that mp3 without trying to rip off audio file from recording this song onto phone from comp speakers!

  4. Help I want the music too! Tried for years to get entrance music – please send it me…..

  5. plz plz email me this!!! cheers pal

    Weve All Been To Cardiff Weve All Been To Cardiff Na Na Na Na
    We Destroyed The Swansea We Destroyed The Swansea Na Na Na Na

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