You Fill Up My Senses – by the Barnsley FC fans

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25 thoughts on “You Fill Up My Senses – by the Barnsley FC fans

  1. Funny thing is, that Barnsley city have about 70.000 ppl, Nottingham have 300.000. Dunno how it can be a suprise Forest brings more fans.

    And no im not an Barnsley or Forest fan, i live in Denmark. But the hole talk about this is stupid.

  2. @Owl1995TTB the only reason why u got more fans is coz ur a city and we are a town and r u fuckin daft our team a lot better. DIDA CUNT

  3. hahaahahaha, nob head forest fan, well if you look down the years, football were more passionate then and barnsley brung loads away but now its all money, nobodys is wanting to go, like leeds, barnsley, blades, owls, plymouth, luton, bradford, etc, all use to be top 2 divison sides but all loyalty as gone because of £. like if you agree please 🙂

  4. @harperthetyke How many fans have you dingles got though. Wednesday have by far the best fans support, team, manager and ground in the whole of yorkshire. Leeds have the seccond then the blades and then Huddesfield.

  5. Ha Ha Dee Dars Went Darn that Day 🙂
    Its well Funny both sheffield clubs in Leauge 1.
    Who Are You Who Are You!!!!!!!
    Barnsley Best Team In South Yorks
    No one can Argue at that!!!


  7. Mint!.. Oh Sheffield United, you fucked up again!
    Na na na na na naaaa ooOOOOHHHH!

  8. @mike7d7 ‘southern wannabees’ i said not ‘southerners’ you idiot.I suggest you learn to read.Yes we might have a small following but that doesn’t really bother me.Secondly i certainly aint jealous of Leeds,i mean what the fuckin hell is there to be jealous of?Couldn’t really give a toss what wednesday do as they’re in a league below.Barnsley fans are as fickle as anyone i admit.We sell out against Leeds cos it’s a local derby and we not seen much of them in last 20 years. Whopee doo. So what?

  9. @jimboBFC1 now this shows how much of a dingle cunt you are, nottingham is in the south? what you get at GCSEs? Secondly, you wont bring anyone to the city ground on the opening day, 900 max for an away game which is an hour away, that’s pathetic. we’d take more than that to plymouth on a tuesday night in december! Thirdly I hate leeds but half your jelous of them and sheff wed, plus only time you’ll sell out at oakwell, when you play leeds!

  10. We’ll fuckin murder you on opening day anyway wanker.It’s all the more sweeter to us because dick heads like you who get a tiny hard on when refering to how many shithead fans they can pull at home or take away,need that to console themselves at night cos their clubs doin so shit (in their eyes),it makes them feel like their entire existance is justified by throwing facts and figures around about how massive their fanbase is.Like Leeds cocksuckers do.You must be so proud you southern wannabees

  11. @mike7d7 You weren’t even born when the miners strike was on prick! You just seem like a typical scab sporn bastard who thinks he’s a cut above with a chip on your shoulder, like many of your tosser fans do.Correct me if i’m wrong but aren’t you lot always refering to when you won some trophies 30 odd years ago? Why dont you get over that prick instead of slagging decent people off who had the inner belief and strength of character to stick by what they believed in for so long.Unlike notts folk

  12. @mike7d7 I said I have a job, can you read? We take that many fans every time we play them, I really cannot see your argument tbh. Anyway ill leave you to it as you seem to get a kick out of abusing Youtube users.

  13. @TheScott0690 did you get a degree then go on the dole? playing you next season is the most depressing thing ever, you know why, as your club is a joke, it’s the away game everyone think’s shit club, inbreds and fuck all to do there, every since mining died there it’s like a ghost town. Please you only took so many fans as you were sending them down and it was about 15 mins away. Fucking cunt, stupid inbred dingle.

  14. @mike7d7 Yer and we’ll still be playing you next season, how good is that? Its you who said ”’Only got so many fans here as you were sending them down’, soon changing your story to ‘you only fill it as it’s like 15 mins away daft twat’ – Make your mind up mate, which one. I actually work and I also have a degree so thats kind of wrong.

  15. can’t even beat the welsh, where did you come this season pal? about 18th? like every year, exactly go out for the big day out to a sheffield club who dont give a shit about you, plus you only fill it as it’s like 15 mins away daft twat, you took 900 to forest, we take at least 2,500 to oakwell, and for the scab was 26 years ago get over it you yorkshire cunt, your probs on the dole now, you trampy piece of shit, with a pen in your hand and you’ll never work again! SIGN ON! SIGN ON!

  16. @mike7d7 And Forrest are so good you cant even beat the Welsh.
    ”Only got so many fans here as you were sending them down”. Wrong, we always fill Bramall Lanes away end mate, get ya facts right scab.

  17. Wish Barnsley would go down instead of the sheffield clubs, shit away game, inbred quiet fans, just a shit team, only got so many fans here as you were sending them down. Dingle Cunts.

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