The Premier League is set to begin next month.

There are some players that are almost sure of playing all games as long as they are fit. For the top sides, they include the following.

For Premier League champions, there is David Luiz. The Brazilian is an undroppableas he is expected to combine with skipper Gary Cahill and Cesar Azpilicueta in defence. He is the balanced of the three as Cahill lacks pace and Azpilicueta is not far from the ground. N’GoloKante could rival him for the undroppbale tag but the middle is set to get interesting with the proposed acquisitions and options.

At Arsenal, defender Laurent Koscielny earns that tag. Nacho Montreal and PetrCech are close rivals but the French player easily wins it.

At Anfield, Joel Matip is a serious contender, even ahead of the aging James Milner. The Cameroonian is a stable force at the back so he is expected to play in every game.

At Manchester City, many players can be dropped or they could miss a stretch of games due to injury. Kevin De Bruyne is undroppable but he could also be rested depending on the game so new addition Ederson earns this tag for the forthcoming term after City splashed £35 million on him.

At the other Manchester-based side, Paul Pogba easily earns this tag. No one spends that much on a player and pays him that much and then benches him. No one!

For Tottenham, Vincent Wanyama is undroppable. The player has been a magnificent boost in the middle since joining. Harry Kane is sure to start if he is fit but he could also be rested. Vincent Jassen and Dele Alli should be able to do the job in his absence.

For the Toffees, new singing Michael Keane should earn this tag after Ronald Koeman spent £25 million on a centre half. Keane is expected to pair Ashley Williams to kill off attacks from the oppositions.