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  1. Hi to all football fans, could u please comment on this this video if u havent yet. Could uļ»æ also spread it to other football fans on youtube to see who is the most supported team


  2. @punditpete Do ya reckon you’ll get in the prem? šŸ™‚
    Theres no Yorkshire teams in atm. If you just put your all into the Championship and nothing els you’d probably have a good chance. Oh n by the way vote for UKIP

  3. We should have won the cup that year. We will never get a better chance. Awful performance at Wembley against Cardiff.

  4. @BLSNunsWithGunsLJA Exactly, don’t listen to him mate… I enjoyed that game not for the large scoreline but for the banter of the Barnsley fans good luck next season

  5. lol and yeah it was 6-1, thats after our keeper gets sent off for something that blatently wasnt a penalty or a red card, fuck off back to newcastle, maybe Mike Ashley can find some1 whos a stupid prick enough to buy that waste of oxygen in tyneside, doubt it tho.

    Newcastle0-0Derby County
    Derby County3-0Newcastle

    Derby County2-3Barnsley
    Barnsley0-0Derby County

    ^them some interesting scores… and we should have beaten newcastle at oakwell anyway, i was there, lucky shits.

  6. im frum tarn, a reds fan all ma life .. i for one welcome support from anywhere spec abroad cuz it obvs means that our small club is getting the name out there .. n i disagree wid the guy tht says we aint a gd team but got more heart.. wher amazin XD uuu redds ! bring on the wendies !!

  7. this vid is only about the FA cup run that we had .
    everyone bums off it …
    why not have made a vid about all of the goals throught the season not just the FA cup

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