Barnsley FC vs. Swansea City – League One Playoff Final 2006

GWL Video Score: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Barnsley FC vs. Swansea City – League One Playoff Final 2006

  1. Barnsley 19th In the Championship
    Swansea 10th In the Premier League
    You may have won the battle but we won the war :L

  2. @SuperSwansea1 Nah, it was 07/08 we won League 1, this was 05/06 season.
    Not that it matters we got another play off to look forward to.

  3. swansea didnt need playoffs the next season cause we fucking won the league up u’s all 😀

  4. @Vaile yes but whos the better team now eyy?? 3rd in the championship – premier league here we come!

  5. talk about daylight robbery! i still dont know how those journeymen actually managed to win this game……the swans murdered them…..whats really sad about it is if the swans had gone up i think theyd be in the premiership by now as i think this was a better side than the one martinez took up!!……you’ll notice you never get to see footage of the swans fans celebrating their goals….apparently a piece of spite from sky because swans fans had complained about sky during the season!!!

  6. @Belsey92 omg its so annoying how people so fat can be professionals footballers, just like adam proudlock when he played for stockport

  7. @twoDOUBLE09 yerr, believe or not once upon a time he was a small fast striker, then he thought it was a good idea to lash a penalty over the bar, all downhill since then

  8. We went up under better circumstances with Martinez.

    What’s the difference between an arsonist and Cardiff City?

    – An arsonist doesn’t throw away his last 6 matches.

    Swim away

  9. cardiff didn deserve to be anywhere near the play offs when all they did was dive like a bunch of pre madonna cunts and cheat for penalties all season.

    cardiff are fuckin shit end of story.

    they think there such a big club when all thats big about them is there big thick shit heads up thier fucking arses

  10. oh well if we went up we would have come back down anyway under jackett.

    martinez took us up in style two years later and thank god we have put this shit behind us.

    Sosa to take us further hopefully.

    Cardiff scummers on here can fuck off cus least we actually get to a play off final
    while cardiff fuck up on the last day of the season when they had it in thier hands but no they missed out on goal differance lol

  11. Especially after i went up to Barnsley to watch The Swans stuff them 3-1 haha Great day out 😀

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