Barnsley FC season highlights 2006-2007

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25 thoughts on “Barnsley FC season highlights 2006-2007

  1. I remember that game, LDV Vans, i went, barnsley played a full reserve side against you, it was quite funny to watch actually XD

  2. DeeeeeeeDaaaaaars!, And where the fuck are u in league?, Brian Laws Must have took some of the cannabis that many people sell on the streets of sheffield. Up Simon Daveys Red Army!

  3. deedar scumbags. fartic monkeys arent even a band, they just like being alone in a garage and playing with each others instruments. if god made a mistake it was sheffield wednesday, by the way they were formed part time by a cricket club. so, really wednesday shouldnt exist nowadays. shame it still is… 🙁

  4. lol i’d like to say the same about wednesday’s season but i just can’t lol. Think you will do ok promotion maybe step too far too soon.

  5. im a sheffield wednesday fn i must agree donny gorund is shocking abd sheff utd always av an excuse lol neil warnock gone now but did u hear him usualy e always sed the ref was bad .. barnsley av a gd season but dnt crie wen we beat u lol jk

  6. You claim to be the better of us (Doncaster Rovers)but our perviuos encounters prove otherwise, what was it, 5 -2 to us. Thought so, go back to your inbred family and your ‘only two surnames’ town!

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