Lee Johnson is ready to give youth a chance to step up

Barnsley finished the 2014/15 season on a high note as the League One club defeated Rochdale with an overwhelming scoreboard of 5-0. This was the very last match of their campaign and it was the way that the club needed to end their season which was filled ups and downs but even with this sensational final victory, their campaign concluded with a bittersweet taste as they lost a coach in the process.

After having spent over 2 years as a manager and as a player as well, Danny Wilson was sacked due to the amount of disappointing results that Barnsley sustained and Lee Johnson replaced Wilson.

Barnsley eventually went on to claim the 11th spot of the English League One and even though the season only reached it’s end a few weeks ago, Lee Johnson is already outlining his plans for the future.

Lee Johnson is planning to make a few changes with hopes that the team can battle for the top spots of the English League One and one of these adjustments is to allow the younger players to have their time at the spotlight and prove their worth.

The 34 year old English coach of Barnsley, Lee Johnson said: “If you’re good enough, then you’ll play in my team, that’s what I’ve always said.I’ve been impressed with the youngsters this season and they’ve shown they’re not out of their depth.George has been the surprise package for me, he’s got better as the season has gone on and he’s proven he can cope at this level.But the same goes for Mason and James, who have also impressed me.”

“There’s no reason why the three of them can’t all play in our defence, but to ask them to play a 46-game season is asking a lot. But it’s exciting for the club that we’ve got three great kids coming through and pushing for regular first team places.We’ll have to find that balance, but that’s my job and I’ll know when to use them and when not to.’’

Mason Holgate and James Bree are 2 of the youngsters that have impressed Lee Johnson and the coach will be giving them more playing time on the pitch but if any other youngster also manages to perform at a high level, they will also be awarded with opportunities to get on the main team and in the playing grounds.