Fulford Believes Hemmings Will Make A Difference

Former Barnsley coach Daren Fulford says that the club’s new striker Kane Hemmings will be a major hit in the upcoming League One campaign. Barnsley were relegated from the championship after several years in the second division of English football. In order to try and get promoted back to the second division as soon as possible, Barnsley have undergone several changes in the squad. One of the major changes will be the addition of striker Hemmings, who has been brought back to English football. He has spent the last few seasons at clubs like Rangers and Cowdenbeath.

Fulford says that he expects the striker, with whom he worked as a youngster at the club, will be a major success in the upcoming campaign. Fulford has watched Hemmings play for several Scottish clubs over the years. Last season, he won the award for the Player of the Year in the Scottish championship after scoring 20 goals with Cowdenbeath. Fulford says that Barnsley will be the perfect fit for him and he has also recalled the days that the club were seen in the premiership. The player stated that he is happy to be signing for Barnsley and expects this to be a good move in his career.

“I am delighted for Kane and it’s great to see him back in England, not least because I will get to see more of his games now! He’s been in Scotland since he was 16 and I think he has shown what he can do there. He scored more than 20 goals for Cowdenbeath last season and was named Scottish Championship player of the year, so he has proven what a good player he is. Coming to England offers him a fresh challenge and something else to prove now,” said Fulford about the club’s new signing.