Barnsley staying at bottom of League

The English League One club Barnsley is hanging by a thread right now as they are at the bottom of the league with only a few points keeping them barely alive and above the relegation zone.

To make matters worse, Danny Wilson and his assistant Chris Hutchings were both sacked from their managerial position in the club. The team has only managed on winning 10 matches out of their 29 matches of which they have played so far and this negative streak of results was the main reason on why Wilson and Hutchings were sacked.

The Chief Executive of Barnsley, Ben Mansford announced details concerning the recent sacking as he said:

“In recent games we’ve seen crowds dropping off and that affects us as a business, and despite us wanting to give Danny and Chris further time, from a business point of view we had to look to make the change.  Some of the results and to a lesser extent some of the performances are not acceptable when you look at that sort of business rationale.”

There have already been over 28 league matches of which has been played and sacking a manager of a club at this stage of the season is very questionable as this change can seriously affect the performances of the club as well as their chances on surviving in the English League One and avoid being relegated.

Danny Wilson and Chris Hutchings were both sacked on February 12 of the ongoing year and the 1rst match that Barnsley played without having an officially signed coach was a league match against Crawley Town which finished in a 5-1 loss for Barnsley.

This defeat was so disastrous for Barnsley that they decided to refund the money that their fans spent when they went to the home stadium of Crawley Town at the Broadfield Stadium.

Barnsley has to tread very lightly and be especially careful from now on as the relegation zone is turning a likely destination for the club unless they are able to switch things around.